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Some new photos kindly sent in by Norman Salsen

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  1. I was a driver at the Hoddesdon branch,in 1972/73.They were great days.I worked with,Phil Towers,Dave White,Mandy Davey,John Carey,Reg Lye,Ron Withey,Dave Potts,Peter Vasey,Errol White.All great people.Hope you’re all ok.If you read this,get in touch.

    1. Hi Dave I remember you but maybe you have forgotten me. My name is Peter Archer. I am and see quite often John Carey and for the last 12 years have lived with Mandy Davey in Hunstanton.

    2. My first job as a salesman in Arnos Grove, palmers green, Edmonton (superb radio) and the wonderful Waltham cross remember Tony Strong, Albert Davison Mike Fisk the van boy and Bob the driver great time early 70 with the mini coopers and got sacked by an idiot called Mr Philips oh yes my name…. I had long black hair and spoke too much or so tony strong told me and he never stopped and my first name was peter and had weekly fights with Albert on who sold more brown and white goods loved it. Don’t remember the names from hoddesdon but went to the branch a few times

      1. I went to the Palmers green branch a few times,if you left just after 6 in the evening,you missed all the traffic.Phil Phillips was the manager at Hoddesdon,and he lived in the flat above the Waltham cross branch,i didn’t like him much.

      2. Hi Peter, I’m Bob the driver at Waltham Cross branch (Bob Day) I remember all the names you mentioned and I remember the cashier Estell Wow she was a looker good times!

  2. I was a driver at the Hoddesdon branch in 1972/73.They were great days.I worked with,Phil Towers,Mandey Davey,Dave White,John Carey,Dave Potts,Reg Lye,Ron Withey,Peter Vasey,Errol White.All lovely people.I hope you’re all well.If you read this,get in touch.

  3. I do remember you,you had a group called The last decade.Do you live with Mandy?She was a lovely girl,i always liked her.Does John still live in Ware?I moved up to Mansfield in 1980,so I lost touch with everyone.We had a mutual friend,was it something to do with your group?I looked on genes reunited,i think Errol died.I can’t find any trace of Phil Towers.Most of the older ones are probably gone,Mr Withey,Reg.Is Hunstanton nice?When Rumbelows took over,did everyone stay with them?Dave White was the whizz kid with electronics,i suppose everythings changed now.I got millions of questions,Pete,i’ll speak to you soon.All the best,love to Mandy.

    1. Hi Dave,

      I dont think we met, I was at Hoddesdon branch for just 1 year.
      I remeber Errol, and I am shocked he has died!
      He had a very distinctive laugh, and drove a Ford Capri.
      He is shown in 1 of the old B/W pics alongside my pal Bob Matthews whi got me the job in Hoddesdon straight after I had finished my appreniceship at Marsdens in Waltham cross.
      Although he has denied it, I well remember Dave Hewitt waiting at the bottom of the stairs of the Hoddesdon service dept to give me extra calls on top of what I already been given.
      I think it was young Peter who came upstairs to the service dept to train, who played in a group and they played at my wedding in Jan 1971.
      What was the name of the service manager in 1969 at Hoddesdon? He used to live in the town. I heard he dreamed of retiring and running a chicken farm?

      I was amazed how relaxed the atmosphere was at Hoddesdon, it only got edgy when the area service supervisor called in, what was his name?
      After I left I sued to see the odd tech occaisionally out and about.

      1. Hi Reg, I’ve got Peter sat with me right now. He thinks the service manager was Alan Butcher, and the Area Manager could have been Ron Withey or Laurie Lay.
        He remembers you well, and remembers training under your guidance.
        On the phones was May Hartley, and later me, but you won’t know me. Field engineers Peter Grange, Alan Newman, Peter Vasey, John Carey. Pete reckons you’re a really nice bloke 😉

        1. Hi Miranda and Peter

          Thanks for jogging the memory about Alan.
          Was it you Peter who played in the band out my wedding in Enfield in Jan 71?
          I recall a very nice young lady on the phone upstairs in Hoddesdon similar age to me at the time (21) I think long dark hair.

          Ron Withey sounds familiar.
          I read yesterday that Errol had died which was a surprise!
          When I joined in March 69 I first went out with a tech who I guess Alan thought would show me the propoer way to deal with customers. Again dont recall his name though I am pretty sure he wore a tie which was a bit old school for some of us younger guys!
          What was the guy who would break into operaif asked, was it Peter vasey?
          I left a month before Bob Matthews in March 70 because I could earn more dosh at Granada and I was going to get married a year later. Stanwood was more of a stepping stone. But it was my first serious experience in dealing with lots of daily service calls, and I learnt a lot.
          Ask Peter what the name is of the old chap in the stores who had glasses and was always suspicious why you wanted any particular part?
          You know I spent only 1 year at Stanwood in Hoddesdon, but I have fonder memories of that time, than the following 22 years at GTVR over many depots.
          I know Dave White but not at Stanwood as he joined after I had left.
          I worked with Dave at Marsdens in Waltham Cross when he was an apprentice like me.

          1. Hi Reg, Mick Plaice was the chap in the stores, and Peter Grange was the singer. yes, My Pete played at your wedding. We don’t know who the receptionist with long dark hair was, sounds like me, but couldn’t have been as I hadn’t starter there then. Alan Newman lived in Loughton, and he looked like a teddy boy, so probably wore thin ties. We’re friends with Dave White now on Facebook. You can find us at ‘backtrack archer davey’ if you want to be ‘friends’. Speak soon, Mandy and Pete x

        2. Hi Miranda.
          I was around before your time and worked with Alan, who was manager, I heard he died down in Bournemouth where he had a toyshop or similar. Also worked with May and was best man when her daughter Val, who also worked at Stanwood`s got married, last I heard Val and husband Gordon were in Haverhill.
          It was a shock the post about Errol, we used to play cricket in the lunch hour, often wondered what became of him, any more info would be most appreciated.
          The collection of black and white pictures above are mine, the Green Lanes workshop, the old Superb Radio workshop in Edmonton and the odd one of Arnos Grove showing the salesman (Norman) who`s wife Pat “Tatty” also worked with us.

          1. Miranda Davey mentioning Peter Grange the singer reminded me of the first time i saw him at the Hoddesden workshop carrying one of the big old Ferguson cabinet T.V’s on his shoulder and singing’ at the top of his voice.

    2. Hi David, you can find us on Facebook “backtrack archer davey’, Pete loves to talk old times, Nice to know you think I was a lovely girl, haha. Speak soon, Mandy

  4. I worked for Stanwood’s in the 1966-69 at the Saffron Walden branch, (Branch 82) on the service side. Bishops Stortford was branch 96, and the Haverhill branch number I can’t remember, but we did the service for the area. The main service was Wanstead, branch 41, we became 41a A good company to work for, Jack Hale was the service manager at 41 and Ken the manager at 82

  5. Hello you must be Steve we went to work for Stanwoods at the same time.
    Did’nt apreciate at the time what a great time it was in T.V. trade.

  6. I managed 3 Stanwood Shops having started work part time as a driver at the Epping Branch . Les Philips supervisors and family inlaw offered me the job of assistant manager at Bishops Stortford.
    I first managed The Cheshunt shop after Bruce Osborne left around 67. After a couple of years I moved to manage the new Hoddesdon branch after supervisor Don Letts. Finally I moved to to the Bishops Stordford Branch as Manager after Peter Foulkes became a supervisor. I left around 72 to start my own business and traded for 35 years in and around Cheshunt and Hoddesdon having 2 stores and finally a trade workshops. Now I am the County Councillor for Cheshunt.

  7. Hi. Both my mum and dad worked for Stanwoods – Mum (Jean Hone) in the offices and Dad (Ronald Rowland) as an engineer. When I was born we lived in a flat in Manor Park that belonged to the company, and in 1969 we moved to Sudbury, Suffolk and my dad worked as a service engineer there. He was made redundant when Rumbelows took over. It is great to see the pics – I remember the shop fronts and those overalls well!

  8. Hi
    My dad Ken Townsend worked at chingford shop and Walthamstow
    He is still a very youthful 88 year old
    Anyone remember him ??

  9. Hi my name is John morris I left school and joined stanwoods at Woodford as a van boy
    And also worked in the shop.under manage Phil lithe when the shop closed I worked at Loughton with manager John Frost Asst manager Harold And Dennis the driver also Dorene the cashier.I remember les Philips & Bert the supervisors it was a great place to worke

  10. I worked at the Maldon service department branch 12s in early 70s starting off as trainee service engineer, later becoming a field service engineer.
    Great days and fond memories, Derek Mosley service manger, Brian Rivers assistant service manager plus the rest of the crew Colin Cole, Ray Fosbrook, Roger Chisnal, Ray Main,Graham Lowe, Don Scott, Don McNeil, Frank Buckland and the lovely Vin in the office.
    Also Austin the service supervisor Tommy Crane service controller, great days. Hope I have spelled the names correctly

  11. Hi
    I run History of Epping in Photgraphs FB page I was wondering if you have any photos of the Epping branch I could share with our members?

  12. My mother Betty Tinker worked as cashier at the East Ham high street branch. I used to accompany her on Saturdays. I was around 8 or 9 which makes it mid 1960s. I also remember a Saturday girl. Sandra (Sandy), she would tell me about her weekday job in the music publishing business. I remember there was a campaign one time where some of the staff children including me wore Dalek costumes outside the store. When I was a bit older I was a Saturday van boy there. Does anyone remember my mum perchance?

  13. I started, like many as s van driver at Braintree shop (97) my boss was Graham Wood, Jen woods son. I loved working for Stanwood radio every single moment I was there, unfortunately the company got into trouble in 1976 and got taken over, I was manager of Witham (69) and I am proud to say I refused to switch to shop Rumbellows until Mr Ken had left. A great family to work for

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